A few reading suggestions for inspiration, challenge and a fresh take on the world!

  • Carl Rogers- On Being A Person- A classic but never fails to inspire me to focus completely on the person I am working with!

  • The Art of Possibility- Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander, Harvard Business School
    Through stories and anecdotes the authors provoke us to consider what it is possible when we adopt a different perspective. There are practical tips that are straightforward to apply together with some thought provoking questions such as:-

    What assumptions am I making, 
    That I am not aware I am making, 
    That gives me what I see?

    A book for anyone who wants something fresh in their life!
  • Creating a Life worth Living -Carol Lloyd, Harper Perennial
    Written with those who work in the arts in mind, Carol provides some interesting exercises to help anyone who wants to review their strengths and clarify what it is that inspires them.
  • The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu- Colin Turner, 21st Century
    This book addresses relationships, patience and communication through an engaging number of stories. It contains food for thought!