Is Coaching for me?

There are often key moments in our lives when we realise that we are 'stuck in a rut' or we are facing a situation that we do not seem to have the resources to deal with.The thought of change or rising to a challenge can be both exciting and at the same time daunting. We may find that we don't know where to begin, lack motivation, or confidence. 

That's where Coaching comes in.

Coaching differs from counseling and therapy as the focus of Coaching is on the future, how it will be different and how you will achieve that.Coaching enables you to experiment and to explore your potential. It offers an opportunity to broaden your thinking and to translate the most viable options into a clear plan of action. 

That's why the decision to work together with a coach can produce extraordinary results because the coaching relationship challenges the assumptions you have about yourself and the way you view the world. A Coach helps you discover the resources you need to continue to achieve your goals and be your own Coach once the Coaching has finished.

So is it for you? Why not arrange an introductory telephone session  to see whether we could work together. That call may enable you to decide if coaching is for you. As coaching works effectively on the phone or face to face, how you want to work is up to you and can fit in with your lifestyle. 

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''The winters will drive you crazy until you learn to get out into them''
                                                                                                                         Parker Palmer

The light in the winter forest is as low as an animal. It breaks around the trees like a prism: white pearly, almost smoke.

The long firs seem to stand in it.....                                                                   Anna Selby