Professional background

I am a Registered Nurse with 20 years of experience delivering healthcare in the public and private sectors Throughout my Healthcare career I have employed a coaching style with both patients and staff which has provided a foundation to my coaching practice. Building on this knowledge and experience I have to developed a theoretical framework, additional tools and techniques through the following courses and development opportunities:

  • P6 Constellation Framework- Rooted in systems theory this grounded pioneering approach equips people to illuminate, liberate and connect to their flow.  As a Practising UK P6 Constellation Framework Practioner I have worked with the framework personally and with individuals. I am currently working towards Approved Practioner status and training to use the framework with groups. For more information on the constellation see Louie Gardiner's website

  • Cognitive Behavioural Approaches- Other training at the Centre for Coaching (CfC) included Stress Coaching, Performance Coaching, Problem Focused and Psychological Coaching. All modules were informed by the Cognitive Behavioural Approach. 
  • Association for Coaching As a member of a professional body I have access to a range of professional development opportunities including, talks, online resources and the Association for Coaching Conference. I also am bound by the professional code of conduct.
  • Regular Supervision & P6Community Learning Days- By attending Supervision and participating in the P6 Community Learning Days I  also am increasing my insight, flow, skills and coaching practice.